Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spending Quality Time with my Charlie

That's what it's all about. A little personal time with the boy. Of course, Charlie does try to get together with us. Yet it seems also that he's at perfect peace all by his lonesome working on his puzzle downstairs and listening to his ipod, just being quiet about the house. He's enjoyed going on splits with the missionaries, one weekend spending 3 different nights out with them. He's been busy at school, high jumping in track, active in his speech and debate class, and enjoying the company of some great friends. Charlie is kind and compassionate to his classmates and has a funny quiet sense of humor. Maybe this is why he was voted as Junior Prom King. Actually, I think it's because his friends wanted to make sure he showed up and asked someone out, too. Well we love the little cutie, anyway.

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